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"Where we listen to our hearts, before touching yours."


Love Must Be Entertainment LLC is an agency devoted to the entertainment, education, empowerment of black and brown people by providing various media that speaks from the heart to the hearts of others who are willing to 'listen'.

Owner and operator, N.G. Young, is an artist, activist, educator, author, who drives this point home in all of her independent work and artistic expression.  She carefully chooses what she represents, providing others with a chance to decide how they approach their own career paths. Many of our clients are professionals who seek to be  educated about the Hip-hop Culture, Black History, Mental Health, Diversity, Mass Incarceration, and how a deeper understanding of these subjects can effect the way their services are rendered and allow better ways to serve the demographic they wish to connect with. Please reach out for information on how you can request our services for your next school event, lecture, conference or panel.                                                                                     

                                                                                                                   Click below to purchase:


N.G. Young

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